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Unify problems with Unfiltered Audio Lion

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Hello. Sorry if this is a bad description but I'm a bit tired atm.

1. If I load a single instance of Lion into Unify and select Skippy's "Beautiful Extraction JL" patch, Unify will cut off the sound and restart it if I remove all fingers from the keys. If I leave a single midi key pressed while changing chords, then it will play normally. This happens with other patches but that is an obvious audible example.

2. If I load Lion into any of my DAWs by itself, this issue does not happen. I can play a chord and remove my hands from the midi keyboard, switch to a new chord, and the old chord is not interrupted as it is in Unify.

3. This happens in Unify Standalone, or as a VST in FL Studio, Bitwig 4, and Abelton.

I'm thinking Unify is sending a midi reset signal or perhaps a CPU spike is happening killing the midi signal for a second? Again, this doesn't happen in Unify if I continuously hold any midi key while switching chords. It is only when all midi is released and then new midi is sent.

Can anyone try to duplicate this or perhaps tell me how to fix it?

Thanks for any help, and Unify ROCKS!


Edit: @getdunne's comment below worked for me! Thanks!

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Try switching Unify's Transport from the default "MIDI / Quick Stop" mode to "Manual start/stop". (See

Some plug-ins watch their host's transport and do certain things when it stops. In a DAW, when you stop the transport, it usually means you want to stop all sound, so that's what they do. In Unify, in the default "MIDI / Quick Stop" mode, the transport starts when you press a key, and stops when the last key is lifted. That probably isn't what you want with Lion.