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Update on old topic (previously titled - "Studio One 4 Unify?")

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Hi Shane, I had posted a reply last week to an old topic (originally titled Studio One 4 Unify?) in the 'Questions about UNIFY' forum. I'm not sure if it is the same for everyone but I cannot read that topic now, I only get a "404 - Page not found" error. I know you've mentioned in the past that the forum does have its limitations so I thought I should re-post the details as there may be some info that might be of interest to you or others (or not 😏).

I had been meaning to get back to you to give an update on 'tuning' anomalies experienced (by me & at least 1 other) with Unify in Studio One 4 (the problem was in some way related to different sample rates being selected).
In short, I have been unable to get the tuning issues to reoccur at all over the last couple of months! All is currently working fine & my current experience when changing sample rates (44.1 kHz & 48 kHz) has not caused any further tuning issue with Unify at all. This is with a back ground of it happening pretty regularly when I started to explore this late October 2020.

I am still using the same 2X laptops, version of Studio One & audio interface and/or drivers but there have been Win 10 OS updates during the period. The only other significant change I can highlight as potentially impacting the issue was the release of Unify 1.2, I have not tried reverting to a previous release to see if that is what categorically affected things.
I have also attached an overview of some of the details & observations from my exploration in case they may have some value to you?

Anyways all the best to you, onward and upward ... looking forward to running the latest release, thanks as ever for your excellent development and 1st class support.

Best Don

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This is good news. I did find and fix a few issues with sample rates over the last few few months. Let me know if the problems resurface.


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