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Verification for JBridge built into unify?

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  • Just a quick question. I assume that Unify acts as a wrapper to run VST like 32 bit or 64 bit VST 
  • I'm running Cubase 12 that will only run VST 3
  • Do you have to have JBridge installed with Unify or does Unify cover what JBridge does

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Unify cannot run 32-bit VSTs directly. However, if you have jBridge installed, it will work with jBridge so you can scan/register all your VST plug-ins as described in the manual, and jBridge will automatically bridge the 32-bit ones. (It's not necessary to run jBridge separately to "wrap" 32-bit VSTs.)

In Cubase 12, you can load the VST3 version of the Unify plug-in, and then load any combination of VST and VST3 plug-ins inside Unify.