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Wavestate Native - stacked performances.

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I have recently installed the Wavestate Native VST and downloaded the Unified library.

Individually they all work fine BUT .....

If I stack two or more performances (which is the whole point of Unify) I get a strange effect that playing a note, additional notes are played (appears to add extra, un-played notes). It is if it is flipping between notes.

A simple test is to add 5x instances of a piano performance (it sounds most obvious with such sounds). If you do that you get a pretty weird effect.


Does anyone have a solution to this?

My PC is new and pretty powerful on the processor side of things. Never had this with other VSTs in Unify.

... I just did the test of adding 5x instances of Wavestate Native to my DAW (Reaper) and they play fine so it appears to be an issue of adding multiple instances of Wavestate to Unify.

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I can reproduce this here on my Windows 10 PC using Unify stand-alone.

I loaded one instance of Wavestate Native with the "Basic Vel Switch Piano" preset, turned of the delay to simplify the sound, and then used "Duplicate 7x" from the INST1 layer menu, yielding 8 identical layers. This should result in just a louder version of the same sound, but I get some strange delay-like effects.

I've never seen anything like this with any other plug-in, so I'm going to take this up with the developers at Korg. Thanks for reporting.

UPDATE: I have confirmation from my contact at Korg: He has been able to reproduce this, and not only in Unify, so this is now an active item on their to-do list. Thanks again for your report.