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Window Size of Plugins - Unreadable While In Standalone Mode

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  • While in standalone mode, many third party plugins are extremely small making the UX challening or not practically functional 
  • Adjusting the Unify GUI size does not make a difference to the plugins
  • Plugins Impacted Include:
    • BlueARP
    • All Spectrasonics
    • Serum
  • While using Unify in both of my DAWs (Cubase Pro 10 and Ableton), the sizing is great.   

I have attached a screen grab for review.   Please advise.


Temporary Workaround:   

  • As a temporary workaround for some cases, I have found that I can change the the plugin window size for each plugin within it's individual settings (e.g. Omnisphere window magnification).   
  • This is only possible for me if I know my way around the plugin given it is so small
  • This workaround does not stick, once I close Unify and reopen I would have to do all of this again for every plugin. 

Also, please let me know if you would prefer I log these bugs in a different manner to keep the feedback flowing, etc...

System Info:

Windows 10 Home, Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363

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Some DAWs provide scaling for hosted plug-in GUIs. I haven't figured out the trick to making this work, yet.

Do keep the feedback flowing, thanks. It all gets added to the to-do list.

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