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Windows 10, UNIFY hoards the audio, crashes YouTube.

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I hope someone will be able to help me resolve this mystery!

On Windows 10, when I use UNIFY as standalone, it takes exclusive control of my sound card (external Saffire PRO24). Normally I should be able to listen to YouTube video tutorials while using another music software or DAW. 

UNIFY actually crash the sound application (windows shell something rather). 
Is there a special setting in UNIFY which could release my soundcard from being exclusively used by UNIFY?

UPDATE: So I restarted my computer, and now if I open a Youtube video, I can hear sound.

If I start UNIFY ALSO, it immediately crashes the video on YouTube.
"Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer."

So I closed the video page, and looked at the sound settings in Windows to make sure no application takes exclusive control, which there weren't. Si I clicked "Test" and it gave me an error message: "The device is being used by another application. Please close any device that are playing audio to this device and try again."

In UNIFY, my settings are to use ASIO, more specifically ASIO4ALL. 

So if I want to use UNIFY, I can't watch tutorials at the same time, or open SoundForge, etc.
Anyone encountered this in Windows 10, using UNIFY as standalone? 
Thank you in advance,

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Not sure about the Saffire PRO24, but I have to make changes in my Tascam external to allow applications to share audio. Therefore it could be a setting you have to change on your sound card.

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As far as I know, ASIO4ALL always works this way. Very few ASIO drivers permit shared access.

Have a look at the free FlexASIO driver: