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Windows Audio / Exclusive Control (Background?) Issue Question for Unify 1.1.10 stopping YouTube & other apps audio

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We have Win10 and Roland Rubix Controller (external USB) for playback.  Before Unify 1.1.10 we were able to have both a YouTube video playing, another music player app going, and Unify without issue.  Now, every time we load Unify 1.1.10, all other audio immediately stops and goes silent.  We cleared cache in browsers, rebooted several times, verified audio device settings - unchecked for 'allow apps to take exclusive control,' tried stop/restart windows audio service.  Can't find anything in settings of Unify 1.1.10 related to background process or exclusive control.  Wondering if you had any thoughts on what might have changed?  It could be external e.g. youtube / adobe flash, browsers, etc.  But it was working before; hope this is the right place to ask.  After reboot, we do get audio back and 2 or more programs do audio playback at the same time such as browser with YouTube video and Groove Player, no issue.  Only when we start Unify 1.1.10 does the other audio stop.  We can hear sounds in Unify 1.1.10 at that point, but no other apps.

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I don't think anything has changed in Unify that would cause this. It's more likely due to the specific Audio output device selections in Unify's Audio/MIDI Settings window. If you were using a shareable audio driver before, and had switched to a non-shareable one (e.g. ASIO device), that could account for the change.