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AutoHotKey Patches using populated INST1: name as Patch name with Arturia Augmented Strings

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Hello everyone, I'm in the process of creating a personal library, and I'm trying to retrieve the patch name in INST1 with Arturia Augmented Strings, but it's not working. I've tried with other VSTs from Arturia, but it never works, whereas with others like Diva, it works perfectly. is anybody have a solution ? or an AutoKey script that allows me to retrieve the patch name when using an Arturia plugins ? thank in advance.

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First of all, I believe you're talking about retrieving the name of a patch so you can place it in Layer1 (overlaying Inst1).  If I remember right, that was a new feature in one of the updates a while back where the Layer1 name would be retrieved automatically.  But I believe Shane said it works for some vsts but not all.  And I've found that to be the case as well.  So, to get the patch name using Autohotkey, you can move the mouse pointer to the vst, select a patch, click on whatever it takes to "Save" or "Save As".  When that dialog comes up, you highlight the text, and send it Ctrl-C to copy to clipboard.  You might have to remove any extension to the name.  Then you cancel the dialog because you don't want to save the patch.  Then back in Unify, you position the mouse over Inst1, double click it, and send it Ctrl-V to paste it in.  Anyway, I just recently done this Unifying a new vst.  Here's the majority of the code as an example.  I'll attach the whole script also.

Mouseclick, Left, 535, 50 ;click right arrow to advance patch
sleep 1000
Mouseclick, Left, 285, 860 ;click right arrow to advance patch
sleep 1000
Mouseclick, Left, 1080, 50 ;click save drop down arrow
sleep 500
Mouseclick, Left, 1460, 865 ;click Save
sleep 500
send, ^c ;copy to clipboard
StringReplace, Clipboard, Clipboard, .xml   ;removes .xml extension from name
;Msgbox, %Clipboard%
clipboard=%prefix% - %clipboard% ;this adds prefix to patch name
sleep 500
Mouseclick, Left, 880, 550 ;click cancel on save
sleep 500

;Paste Filename as patchname in layer 1
Winactivate Unify
sleep 1000
MouseMove, 936, 335
Click, 2
sleep 500
send, ^v
Sleep, 300


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@craigr68 is correct. Not all plug-ins provide the name of the current patch to their host, and for those that don't, @craigr68's "save as" trick is usually the best way to retrieve it in an AutoHotKey script.