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Creating AutoHotKey Patches using populated INST1: name as Patch name

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Good day. I have managed to edit the AHK scripts I found in the forum to create my own patches for certain VSTs using the 'iterating through the directory' method (thanks a lot to all the contributors).

I'm just wondering if anyone figured out how to create patches using the new populated INST1: name and then click on the next button in the VST until INST1: name is the same as the previous one (somehow store the last INST1: name in an array, causing Autohotkey to finish running the script.

This will prevent erroneous naming (the names in the directories don't always align with the names in the actual VST) and also one has to copy and paste the new folder name each time...

This will definitely streamline the process, as one would just need to select the bank in the VST and then run the script.

This will only really work for VST's that don't progress to the next bank or back to the first preset in the bank but I'm sure there are a few where this method could work better than the other options. I'm trying to create patches for the Lethal VST and it will work for this.

Please share if any of you have managed to this it - I would really appreciate it and edit it to my needs.

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Here's an AHK script I made for unifying Initial Audio's Sektor synth's factory presets, that does exactly this. The various absolute mouse coordinates will need to be changed--use the WindowSpy.ahk script that comes with AHK to determine the right values for your screen.

For synths whose presets are divided into groups, you can just hit the ESC key once the last one in each group has been saved, then select the next group manually if necessary and re-start the script. I like to save the first preset in each group manually, allowing me to set up the patch-name preset (currently "SYNTH - ", line 30) for the new group, and also set other group-specific strings in Unify's Save dialog. (In Settings, make sure to check all relevant boxes on the "Patch Save Defaults" line, so these are automatically remembered for subsequent saves.)

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
Hotkey, ESC, ExitScript

Click 875,216 ; click in synth title bar to bring to front
sleep 100
Click 813,303 ; next preset in synth
sleep 500 ; allow time for patch to load
Click 800,1000 ; click in Unify window to bring to front
sleep 800 ; allow time for INST1 title to get updated with patch name

MouseMove 736,561
Click 2 ; double-click in INST1 title bar: patch name will be selected
sleep 10
send, ^c ; copy
sleep 10
Click 800,1000 ; click lower in Unify window to close title editor

click 1550,530 ; Save in Unify
sleep 100
click 1355,524 ; click in patch name
sleep 20
send, ^a ; select all
sleep 20
send, ^v ; paste preset name
sleep 20
click 1084,525 ; click at start of patch name
sleep 10
send, SYNTH -{Space} ; prepend category
sleep 20
;click 1544,525 ; click past end of patch name
;send, {BS 6} ; erase " (MPE)"
click 1360,1030 ; Save As...
sleep 100
send, {Enter} ; save file (and close window)
sleep 500
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Thanks a mill, @getdunne - really appreciate it.

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