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Add optional feature to effect level changes with mouse wheel when cursor hovers over parameter  


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July 20, 2020 1:53 am  

Mostly in the main Unify interface, whether an AUX level or main volume, it would be nice to enable a feature (for those who want it) where when the cursor is hovering over an adjustable parameter that the mouse wheel would be able to control that parameter without clicking on it. I find I can get more precise (i.e. volume levels) with the mouse wheel than sliding the mouse left and right while holding down the button.

You could even have a slight "highlight" bounding the control when this feature is enabled, and the cursor is over top of a control, indicating that a mouse wheel movement will change that parameter.

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July 20, 2020 3:48 pm  


I tried implementing mouse wheel response for sliders/knobs at one point, but there are numerous challenges:

  1. The wheel moves in steps, and the sensitivity is always either too much or too little. I suppose a modifier key could be used for reduced sensitivity, but this defeats the simplicity of using the wheel in the first place, and for some controls, all the modifier keys are already assigned.
  2. The wheel is fundamentally different from normal mouse input, in that it's not actually tied to position. In other programs I've written, I made it so you could either make the wheel active only when the mouse is over a control (requiring the highlighting you suggested), or click the control to "select" it, at which point all mouse-wheel events go to that control even if the mouse rolls away from it (very useful if you have to look elsewhere while adjusting; requires yet another variant of highlighting, plus a well-defined way to "de-select").

@hallenberg All this may interest you, and help to explain why I have put off going down the GUI rabbit-hole (because doing it well requires enormous effort, a global plan to ensure consistency, and meticulous attention to detail).

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July 20, 2020 11:28 pm  

Mouse wheel works for macro knobs so I assume it could work as well for other controls. Personally I would drag the mouse for broad strokes, use the mouse wheel for fine adjustments, and keyboard for dialling in. Ideally each step of the mouse wheel should represent a sensibly sized nibble on the value its controlling eg. +/-0.5dB steps for a volume slider or +/-1 for pan; I wouldn't have thought modifier keys should be necessary.

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July 21, 2020 4:52 am  

@hallenberg You're quite right... it does work for the macro knobs, nicely too! Yes, I agree; if it can work for the volume controls, 0.5dB steps would be perfect. In spending a bunch of time "Unifying" my favorite factory patches from various instruments I find I have to reduce volume often, or tweak it. As I build more patches once I have the factory ones in I'll be doing a lot more of that tweaking and whether it's the layer volume or AUX controls I find that the mouse-drag on the volume for me goes too far too quickly.

Not a huge deal, just an eventual enhancement.