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Another suggestion for the Unify 1.11 beta - adding the full description of the patch in a tooltip

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Another suggestion for the Unify 1.11 beta:
the patch descriptions are complex to read when browsing the library.
With the standard configuration, it's not possible to read the entire patch description as it often get's truncated.
It would be very helpful to add a tooltip that displays the full description patch when the mouse is over the description field. This would save a lot of time and mouse clicks when browsing through many patches. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Variations of this have been requested for a long time, but it's not a simple thing to add. I won't delay release of Unify v1.11 by trying to stuff it in now. It remains on the to-do list for a future update.

Also, the purpose of a beta-test is to try to find any bugs which remain in code which is about to be released, not to add more features.