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Audition patches on main page

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Having the ability to audition with 1-click new patches while having others loaded. I know you can make a new Unify layer and then use that to audition, but it's a bit messy having the extra window open. It would help workflow to be able to just click a patch to audition on the window where your main Unify is. Maybe having an 'audition' button that toggles where you can click on any patch and it will keep a buffer of that instance? Or having 'auditon' next to each patch? Just some thoughts.

Thanks for the most amazing tool!! 

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This raises at least five issues for me:

First, when you say you want to "audition" a patch, do you want to hear it in isolation, or in context of the current patch. Using an embedded Unify layer allows both options, depending on whether or not you Solo the layer.

Second, loading Unify patches may not be quick, so without a separate (embedded) Unify window, I would have to add more to the already-crowded main GUI to show progress of the "audition" patch load process.

Third, some Unify patches eat up prodigious amounts of RAM. Having this represented graphically in the form of a separate Unify window allows you to see it, and decide for yourself when you want to delete it and free that RAM. Without a separate window, you could easily forget.

Fourth, what you propose would be bound to confuse some users. They click something, perhaps even by accident, and the sound changes, but without much indication of what happened, or how to reverse it.

Finally, should this "windowless" audition capability extend to embedded Unify instances? I don't see why not, but I do see how you could end up with any number of phantom auditioned patches hogging memory and confusing the user.

In short, we have an audition mechanism which works now, and I'm not convinced that what you propose will not create more problems than it solves. I have nonetheless added your proposal to the to-do list for future consideration.

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@getdunne Thanks for the detailed response.

In regards to your first question, it would be ideal to be able to listen both individually and with other patches. As you said, this can already be done by loading an instance of Unify as a layer.

This was a workflow request, something to make auditioning a little easier. it's not a huge problem, but it would save a step each time you wanted to try a new patch. After reading all the possible problems that might come up, I can see it may not be worth the effort for what is gained. 

Thanks as always, for taking the time to listen to the users 🙂 

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Guess some tools do this with provided mp3 for prelistening and switch off and on prelistening while changing the patches .. but this would be only possible for presets .