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Can Unify be forced to follow host BPM by default? Falcon 2.5 Unified library defaulting to 120BPM.

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Hi Shane - I noticed when I loaded up the unified UVI Falcon 2.5 library that the tempo of patches defaults to 120BPM, regardless of DAW host tempo. This isn't an issue with other Unify libraries that John sells commercially. As a workaround it's simple enough to tick the box in transport controls to follow host BPM, but this has to be done each time a new patch is selected in the Falcon unified library. It's the first time I've encountered this issue with Unify and maybe just a result of how the patches in this library were saved.

Is there a way to make Unify follow host BPM by default across all libraries? Apologies if it's there and I've missed it but just wanted to mention what I experienced using the Falcon 2.5 library today.

Thanks so much to you and John for creating a compositional tool I use every day. I am purchasing all the libraries that are made available for Unify and have bought several external plugins based on John's recommendation. I will be purchasing any future paid upgrades to Unify software to support your work as well, Shane. You've made a huge difference to my workflow and I'm very grateful for all your hard work, sir. I've told many friends about this great plugin.

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That sounds like a mistake in the unified library. I don't have that one here, but I'll ask John to look into it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to force Unify to "follow host" for all patches. Maybe something to put on the to-do list...

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Hi Jamie! Thank you for pointing this out - I have updated the library after Shane did a magic trick on the patches and they now are all set to Follow Host by default. Thank you for noticing this!


Enjoy my friend.

- John Lehmkuhl

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