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First of all, let me say I really love Unify. I have been looking at it for a year but didn't see the added value. But now that I have a Linnstrument I took the plunge, and man, is it awesome. It is really (becoming) what Akai VIP was supposed to be.

There were some features in VIP that would really improve Unify.

  1. VIP shows the number of patches available for a particular tag (plugin, instrument, timbre, style and articulation). That would be helpful. Tags that have no patches are greyed out.
  2. VIP allows renaming of a tag by right-clicking it. This would make it easy, for instance, to rename KEYS to KEY if there are inconsistencies.
  3. Multiselect is now and OR operator, whereas in VIP it's an AND operator. I believe I read something about that in the past. Is this a design decision? For me, AND would be more useful.

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Good points, thank you. I hope to do a major overhaul of Unify's patch database and browser eventually, but this is an enormous job.

Regarding OR/AND: yes, it was a design decision, which turned out to be a poor choice. I've looked into providing an AND option, but there are many ramifications, so it will have to be done very carefully and hence will takes extra time.