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CC:Rider (Knob CC auto-correct)

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Just had a thought for a tweak to the already amazing cc:Rider !!


This would be of use for sound designers /programmers who are creating Libraries for Unify.


Within each cc:Rider there could be an extra "nipple/bullet" which would be similar to the navigation found within the "+" of a macro knob.  This would enable the programmer of the sound to tell cc:Rider which embedded unify knob was their target.     The cc:Rider would still have its own choice of cc number (let's say it was cc022).   Within the embedded unify, one of the knobs would be set to cc022.  Let's say it was knob 2.

This is the clever bit!   Everyone has a different cc setup for their hardware.   The customer may prefer that the 2nd knob is set to cc97, who knows?  OK... so the cc:rider in the "umbrella patch" already knows that it is supposed to be affecting embedded layer (whatever layer Unify) knob 2.    Unify will be programmed to look to see if the programmer had disclosed that knob2 within that cc:Rider and it will know that the embedded knob2 was set by the customer to be cc097.  Unify can then add 75 the cc value so that cc022 will now be affecting cc097.

Similarly,  if a different unify customer was using the same patch, and they had their 2nd knob set up as cc037,  then this cc:rider will auto-correct cc022 by adding 15 so it becomes cc037.

The only way the auto-correct can work is if the programmer of the patch had disclosed the intended embedded unify layer target knob.


what do you think?




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Interesting thoughts, but I think you're missing a key point about knob/CC assignments in Unify.

As you say, everyone has a different hardware setup, and so the CC assignments for knobs at the outermost level is automatically remembered across sessions. However, the assignments for knobs in embedded Unify instances is saved on a per-patch basis, so you as the patch designer get to define which CC (output by CC Rider) controls which knob (in the embedded Unify).