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Control Latch on / off via cc message or note on / off  


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July 19, 2020 10:18 pm  

I play my Unify patches most often using my midi wind controller ( Synthophone ; midi sax ) and also own Softstep , a pedal board that can send different midi messages. Since I almost always have both hands busy playing my Synthophone I'd like to be able to send a cc message or a note on / off from the pedal board to turn latch mode on or off. This would be especially useful when playing a complete environment of sounds in real time. Hope this is possible in future updates. I love the power of Unify !

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July 20, 2020 4:26 pm  


Thanks and welcome to the forum! I've added this to the to-do list, but I'd like to pursue it a bit, to make sure I understand you.

I looked up the Synthophone and the SoftStep -- both look like amazing products, and I'd like to learn more about them. Are you mainly interested in using Unify with them for live performance, or for recording, or both? Can you explain your rig and workflow a little?

Because your comments all relate to real-time performance (even if only performance for recording), I'd like to invite you to carry this discussion over to our new "Live performance with Unify" forum section at .

@sonasrec It would be great to start a "wind controllers" forum topic in the Live performance forum.

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July 21, 2020 9:40 pm  

Hey Shane,

Great to hear back from you so quickly !

I am a retired Berklee teacher and with the Covid lock down I'm entirely locked into recording mode for the near term. I use Logic 10.5 on my Mac Book Pro running Mojave 10.14.6

I am experimenting with Divisimate software as a kind of front end / midi router. The Synthophone has a built in harmonizing ability which is pretty powerful but I also use MidiHarmonizer 4.0 for a wider variety of possible harmony choices. I also route the Softstep pedal into Divisimate and then out to Midi Harmonizer 4.0 and from there into Logic.

I create changing / freely evolving atmospheres that I combined with a live percussionist to accompany a classically trained dancer.

Since the shutdown it's just me working alone. I want to be able to play / record using a big pot of colors where elements like locking and unlocking loops and big changes in texture / mood can be developed on the fly. I need to be able to send various CC messages , patch change commands, or specific note ons/offs to Unify layers and have the control messages be recorded for playback in Logic / Unify. Anything you can do along theses lines will be really appreciated.

Another user of Unify and the Synthophone is Erik Klein ( Robosax ). We are in touch from time to time and I think he had already asked about using patch change commands to choose / load various Unify patches. Erik is a world class player and has his extensive patch collection loaded into MainStage. I had stability issues using MainStage in the past and since I primarily want to record, I have used Logic instead. However, I'm always looking to learn how to make more interesting music so if you turn up clear advantages by using MainStage as a front end host let me know.

A wind controller sub group using Unify would be interesting but may take a while to develop.

Hope you are doing great !

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July 22, 2020 1:29 am  

@madsax, Sounds fascinating.  Thanks for sharing.

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