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Default saving to a patch in the last saved location unless user specifies otherwise

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Currently when I try to save a patch, Unify opens one dialog and then on hitting save, there's another OS dialog to choose the actual location. This is somewhat redundant and one step can be avoided.

Just keep the previous location displayed in Unify's own save dialog box. When user hits save on unify, it should save in the previously used location. If user wants to save elsewhere they select "Ask for save folder" in Unify's dialog, and *THEN* have the OS dialog pop-up. It's cumbersome to go through 2 dialog boxes.


Infact that's one of Unify's main draw for me. It's all about the fast workflow. This gets us one step closer.

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Please check Settings,  and make sure at least the Library box is checked. Then, each time you go to save a patch, Unify will automatically select the last library you saved into.

I agree with your point about the OS dialog being redundant. At one point we considered having separate "Save" and "Save As..." buttons, where only the latter would present the OS dialog, but rejected the idea because this would confuse many users. I'll give some thought to the notion of adding this as some kind of "expert mode" option in future.