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Favorite Plug-In Subsets - Filter by type/category/manufacturer

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hope I didn't miss that functionality in Unify. Would it be possible to add something in the "Favorite Plug-in Subsets" screen to filter plugins in the lists by category (Instruments/Audio Effects/Midi Effects) so that it is easier to create consistent lists?
Not sure if that is doable but it would be also great to have some support to create lists of plugins by type like Reverb, Delay etc. or by manufacturer and to share the properties for plugins with identical name between different formats.
And finally some kind of filtering for the recommended plugin format. For example Warlock should use VST3 while most other plugins should use VST2. It would be great to have some kind of installed config file which makes it easier to select the correct format in favourite lists. 

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You can use the Search function in the central list on the Subsets view; see, which includes the example search text "VST/inst" which matches all VST instrument plug-ins.

As is explained on that page, the VST standard only understands "instruments" and "effects", so there's no way for Unify to know which "effects" are actually MIDI effects. VST3 doesn't really support MIDI effects--the geniuses at Steinberg never anticipated that people would create them back in the VST2 era, and have been trying to stamp them out ever since.

Part of the reason we have the Subsets system is to allow you to categorize effects manually. It's a chore, but you only have so many plug-ins, and once you've created a few basic subsets containing your favorites, you can add to them one plug-in at a time.

The rule for "recommended format" is simple: Always use VST2, unless the plug-in isn't available in VST2 format at all; in that case use VST3.

It would be lovely to someday have a system where users can somehow upload their manually categorized plug-in lists to a server, so we can maintain a giant database of every plug-in in the world. However I doubt I'll ever have the time to create and maintain such a thing, for free, forever. It would be a great community web-project if someone wanted to do it.

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