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Idea: User Templates  


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June 28, 2020 3:51 pm  

One idea that might be worth exploring is the availability to create templates.  I see these as differing from existing Unify patches in that that they could include the placeholder of many, many patches, but with the default behavior being NOT to load/open each entry/patch/layer once the template is activated. 

An example from the BBC Discover plugin (just for the sake of clarity): Already John has provided free patches that allow the playing of groups of instruments (Brass or Woodwinds) together.  Once such a patch is opened, all layers are loaded into memory and can be played.  That's great.  On a small scale, imagine a BBC Discover Template that has ALL of the patches listed (or even by articulation), but that have none actually loaded into memory.  Then, manually, a user could toggle an "activate/load" button, and that particular instrument/layer would be active.  If there are 40 basic patches, within four clicks a used could select to load a viola layer, a clarinet layer, an oboe layer, and a horn layer, and be playing immediately.  I guess that template could be saved then as a renamed template to allow it to be loaded later with those same four layers activated and the remainders waiting "on demand," yet unloaded. 

Of course, more massive, cross-plug-in templates could be created by users, ideally with a nested organizational structure... and perhaps shared (easiest for library-specific collections, surely).

In a sense, I see how the browser already functions in some ways to this -- it lists unloaded, available patches, and even has prefixes to patches that create a kind of organizational structure.  But I see creating templates as a further refinement and more speedy way to toggle between categories:

Opening a template might contain the following categories (for example):






... upon clicking on PADS, the individual patch options are listed:


   - Patch 1

   - Patch 2

   - Patch 3  (etc.)


Just thinking aloud here.

Since Unify is, by its very essence and name, a way to unify all of one's plugins, having a template system, to my mind, would bring even more value and speed up work flow.  They wouldn't replace the browser and its capabilities; templates would supplement this and be something a user could use, or not use.

This idea came to mind because this week Dirk Elhert released a template system for Cubase and Studio One (I use Studio One) that I looked into for my own use, but as far as I can tell that system is completely Kontakt dependent, and can't involve non-Kontakt instruments.  Unify isn't bound by such limitations.

I figured that this might be worth thinking about.  Thanks for all your amazing work to date, John & Shane. 

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June 28, 2020 3:57 pm  


Hi and thanks for joining and bringing this to the Forum!

This sounds like a terrific idea, but would take a lot of work to implement, so it's important to get the design right before starting. If there was any way to mock this up on paper or with images/diagrams on the computer, that would be very helpful.

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June 28, 2020 4:04 pm  

Sure, I'll try to come up with something soon and post it here (others, of course, are welcome to chime in, too, if they see where I'm going with this). 

I hesitate recommending trying to solve this only throughtweaks to the Browser, as I believe it would complicate and muck up the existing simplicity of the Browser.  I do see it as something different that expands on what Unify can currently do.