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Macro Knob Automation (similar to Pump House) for stand alone unify

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Not sure if this has already been asked for... (most likely I would think!)

Has macro knob automation been added to the "list of nice things to add to unify" list!!!

Perhaps each macro knob could have a tick box that opens up an automation similar to that of pump house with custom curves etc... and the knob could change colour if automation is activated?

I know that we can automate using automation lanes in a DAW, but it would be cool if the stand alone unify could benefit from macro automation.

Obviously it would be a very specific need...  I was thinking something along the lines of a PAD sound that moves slightly over a period of at least a bar/measure and I see that pump house can automate up to 8 bars/measures which should be more than enough.  Some of the VST's that emulate vintage synths such as the PolyMoog may benefit from this type of automation as they have subtle EQ/Filter options on a paraphonic controlled sound source.   

I suppose that I could use a pedal to sustain a chord then twiddle some cc'd knobs on a controller keyboard... I think that macro automation could be a solution for VST synths that don't have envelopes for some parameters that could benefit from movement.




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This has indeed been requested before (not least by Skippy!), and I have done some prototyping. We hope to have such features available in a near-future update.

In the meantime, you can use a MIDI plug-in of some kind to generate an LFO-like sequence of CC messages, then route these to an embedded Unify instance(s), in which you have assigned the appropriate CC number(s) to one or more macro controls. There are a number of "MIDI CC LFO" plug-ins (google those three words); the latest edition of GateKeeper by Polyverse Music is probably the best of the paid ones, but you can find free ones too. You can also use Unify's built-in MIDIBox; look in the Presets/LFO Curves for a collection of MIDI files that send out MIDI CC#1 messages in various waveform shapes.

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