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Macro requests

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Hi Shane (and Skippy) apologies if this has already been covered but:

I've recently been building some Polybox based presets with synths like Bx_Oberhausen and have hit some issues.


1: I map all of my relevant parameters of one synth to the 16 macro knobs, and then use the "duplicate +7" to create 8 instrument layers.  It's somewhat essential to automatically get all of the copied synths parameters to be mapped in the same way to the Macro controls.


2:  A synths like Oberhausen has a lot of controls default at the 12 o'clock position, but Unify the default macro position is zero, or far left on the knob.  Would it be possible for us to manually choose a default position in the parameters section of the Macro controls?  So when fiddling around with the control, a double click gets to back to a perfect setting of your choosing.  


3: With the edit parameter window open you currently can see the parameter and units being affected.  Ie semitones, percents, frequency etc.         It would be very useful to have that same information appearing with the actual knob.  Either as a permanent GUI element or as a popup "tooltip" style element when you turn the knob.


4:  I think it would be quite cool to be able to swap out a macro knob for a toggle switch.  Some parameters I assign to macro's are just a simple on/off switch, and sometimes with a certain parameter I find that I only want to switch between 2 perfect values.  I know these things can essentially be achieved with the current setup but a switch in those scenarios would be an improvement.


Thanks for reading and i hope these are useful ideas 🙂





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Thanks for these detailed suggestions.

  1. Automatic mapping for duplicated layers: I will give some thought to how to get this into the GUI cleanly.
  2. Choice of default position: excellent idea, thank you.
  3. Display parameter values on knobs: This has been requested by many people (including John), but there is a fundamental problem: Because a macro knob can be connected to any number of parameters simultaneously, which one should be displayed?
  4. Button as alternative to knob: This is in our plans already, along with other choices.

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Thanks @getdunne !

1: I guess very tricky to implement but will be amazing for making things like an Oberheim 8 Voice.


2: Cool.


3: Ah yeah I see.  Well I think the 3 choices would be either

A: display the first parameter only, or

B: display all parameters, or

C:  display only  parameters that a user would select via checkboxes when editing parameters. 

I lean towards A for simplicities sake.


4: Can't wait!