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Master Channel (MOD SEQUENCER)

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For a future update,  I think it would be cool to have a time based Modulation Sequencer built into the main Master Strip (not the nested unify patches, just the final output stage).

Example of a mod sequences saved by Unify users could be a 16 step filter cutoff which would repeat itself until last "note off" of a particular legato phrase has been played.  Playing with gaps between notes would re-trigger the mod sequence.  Perhaps a "Latch mode" for a continous  time based mod sequence independant of playing style.

If someone created a mod sequence and called it "Layer1 Absynth Filter Cutoff - Pattern1",  then it would be assumed that this mod sequence will only work if Absynth is the VST loaded into Layer1.

Mod sequence wouldn't necessarily be limited to just the VST instrument.  It could be a controller for looped panning or looped volume changes, or looped "aux send amounts".  Or maybe several mod sequences can be loaded for multi-fx time based loops.

I'm guessing that for the most part the main vst instrument for mod sequencer would be the Guru Sampler that could benefit and each layer would need a duplicate mod sequence created for that layers' parameters.  So  the mod sequencer could be coded to support up to 16 layers of Guru Sampler etc..., and/or 16 layers of Aux Send parameters.

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Some interesting ideas here; thank you. I have plans to implement most of them, although not quite in the way you have described.

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