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Midi Filter - Polyphony Limiter

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Just had a thought about complex patches that have several split points using several layers all using the same MIDI channel 

What if we place a Midi Filter into each layer and it had an extra section for limiting polyphony.  This would help to seperate out sounds by having less notes ringing when playing live or playing MIDIBOX sequences.

Possibly we would need a preference button for "high notes / low notes" and an array size (how many notes to keep ringing on)

If we set the array size to 3 and more than 3 notes are played at the same time, that's when the "high notes / low notes" comes into action.

Another tricky thing could be, say, if we had the array set to 3 note limit... and we play C3, then D3, then E3... the next note we play would have to be accompanied by a "note off" for C3 (that was the 1st note from our sequence that needs to be cancelled).

Anyway, it's just a thought, hopefully someone understands the need for a polyphony MIDI limiter???

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Very interesting suggestion. Your analysis is correct, but doesn't go quite far enough. As you say, with polyphony limited to 3 notes, if you play and hold C3, D3, E3, and then e.g. F3, a note-off should be sent for C3. However, if you then lift the F3 key (or indeed any of D3, E3, or F3), that "canceled" C3 will need to be retriggered, so the number of notes you hear still matches the polyphony limit. (I tried it without doing this, and believe me, the results are unsatisfactory.)

The good news is I've figured out how to do all this in PolyBox, by allowing the "pool size" to be set to just 1. The need for a "high/low notes" preference is eliminated by retriggering notes in reverse time order, i.e., most recently played notes first, which is a natural extension of how notes are retriggered in a typical mono-synth. This change will be included in the next Unify release.

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