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MIDIBOX - Re-Trigger (Bypass/Arm) button on exterior skin of MIDIBOX

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Hi... With MIDIBOX, I understand there is a standard "B" bypass button .

Would it be possible to also have an additional "R" button that is armed by default (when MIDIBOX is added to that layer) and is for "Re-Triggering" the MIDI file.

By un-arming the MIDIBOX Re-trigger ... it would be our choice for each layer to allow the MIDI file to continue to play in time with the tempo BPM and won't re-trigger each time a new key-on happens.

The reason I ask is because I have tried Mono Latch function and restricted the layer to only trigger on one note.  When I press that note, the drum sequence starts up in time with the BPM on that layer (following the MIDI file in MIDIBOX) but.. no matter what kind of control I try in MIDIBOX, any other key on the keyboard will re-trigger the MIDIBOX to start at the beginning.. which is sometimes counter-intuitive as I just want it to loop continuously until I depress the one key on the keyboard to turn off the drum loop.

Or maybe have a completely different type of layer for drum loops with that kind of feature on it?  a built-in MIDI editor would be very cool too!