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I've mentioned that I often use Unify live in my shows comedy and otherwise. Has anyone asked for a visual display that shows the position of where the midi file is when playing an instrument using midibox. So for instance. I have a song that has 1. Note C1 An Intro, 2. Note D1 1st Verse, 3. E2 Chorus, 4. F2 2nd Verse, 5 G2 Bridge etc. etc.  Sometimes they are different lengths. Intro is 4 bars, verse is 8 bars Chorus is 16 bars bridge 13 etc. all the while I'm playing a part or parts with my right hand, and at my age I'm not going to be able to count as I go, to think what's next, What joke am I telling next. What do I want to do next, because sometimes the show isn't going like I want and I have to go by the seat of my pants all the time. So, it would be cool to see a visual at a glance in Unify's window or maybe a popout window (Midi Fx) that displays where I'm at in the current midi file. Take for instance I have a version of Whip it by Devo that has 9 parts or tracks. It's enough to easily get lost in. I could even see something that moves across the midibox box in time like a light colored bar sorta like a cursor scanning in time. Or across the Unify box if there are instances of Midibox inside a Unify Layer. I can't imagine what it would take to create this. But I think tons of people could use something like this. I constantly see comments of people who are using it live. Next Wednesday I'll be introducing Unify to a very busy Bar in Bristol TN in my first performance in a year and 7 months. Well if you need clarification or think it's too odd. Let me know


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Well, basically this is what a DAW does. If you use Unify inside a DAW like Logic Pro, you might want to drag/drop all your MIDI files into the DAW and use Unify without the MIDIBox instances. (You can just click Bypass on the instances, then save the DAW project, and your Unify presets won't be affected.)

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Hi @pbeprod

Have you used/looked at ZenAudio ALK2 yet for live looping/recording?

I'm assuming one could route the output of Unify, using Blue Cat Connector (only solution I'm aware of, until the release of Unify Pro) into ALK2 and then set the length of the loops/recordings to your taste.

I don't do live recordings but thought that this looked like something interesting.