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This is something I've been thinking about for quite a while. I'm going to spit it out here and try to be as concise and clear as I can. So inside Unify we have Pump House. It controls Audio based on the waveform showing. We have Macro controls that can control with help from our DAWS automation of pretty much any Parameter that are available to each VST or Instruments that we have, including those inside GuruSampler. Would there be a way to "Cross the Bridge" and have the Graphic waveform inside Pump house creating a "Modu-box" Midi effect that would enable the waveform to "Affect" parameters inside GuruSampler or assignable parameters inside Unify? Not sure if that's clear but I've gotten tired of running it through my head. Wish I knew how to program.

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Hey Kendall, I get exactly what you're saying. This is something John and I have been planning for a long time, but the architecture of Unify as it is right now isn't quite up to it. It's most definitely on the to-do list!