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More Controller Mappings for Knobs

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I miss after my Korg Controller did arive today a functionality for additional 4 Banks of mappings like a Switch to Access fast the 4 Banks for the knob. And how to Control the several CC things. CC7 is for volume for example. But i do Not See any effect...

And with Controller to browse the libaries will be fine. 

Maybee for the tutorial sections some short Videos? Was a 3hours try and Error to geht IT to run.

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MIDI controller support is still VERY new and experimental in Unify. What exists now is described at, but much more must be added.

I like your idea for a switch to access multiple banks of mappings. Native Instruments has a feature like this for their Komplete Kontrol devices.

I also like the idea to be able to use the controller to browse and select patches. Both this and the mapping-banks idea go beyond what I have been thinking about for MIDI control, but I will think about it; maybe I will figure out a way to add these things.

Tutorials and videos are coming, but probably not soon, because these features are still work-in-progress. I will talk to John about it.

One question for you: how important is MIDI control for you, as opposed to using OSC from an iPad app?

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Its relative. For the moment there is a little fight inside Davinci Resolve. Filmakers, special agencies for Marketing very offen have no ideas about mixing sound or music. My technical knowledge is Just good enough to start and close my PC proper. And music background you can forget as you all know. My and Wilfried talents are to guide and Share unusual ideas but with very limited english. I keep attention for usability for beginners and non Computer geeks.

I saw that there will no help with the Akai APC 40 and also not with the Beatstep. So we Devise for valentines to get a Korg and sorry not to buy a Libary from John this time.

Problem was today that John did demonstrate IT in a live Stream but Wilfried did search for 4 hours how to do and at least was a try and Error.

I guess special for the DaVinci people its fascinating to use. And can be a big point Not to buy with Artlist or Epidemic if they get an intrance.

In the little group there are some TV and Radio specialists. I guess in 6 months there will be a return back to Unify.

At the moment i make attention to search musicians for the Balkan Libary. And Wilfried and me have a good spirit to go on. Here a very popular Saxophone Player with a new Synth Plugin. They use in this Plugin mainly Special Midi that are Not offen Used. Place it to John and He will be facinated. Simple Not much fancy stuft cheap and very powerfull. OK in Out top list is Doldinger. There is a private contact. But not the time to involve him and make him interest like Kai.

Check Out the comment below the Video. Will be nice If you can give a comment there. Just ask him for example, that you are Programmer of Unify and what is important for him as a saxophone player.

 OT: can happen @Angus Roberts-Carey from Spitfire contact you soon. Via Guy Michelnote 😀