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November 16, 2020 11:01 am  

I Shane, I ask you in the last streeming life video about Unify using MPE. You said is actually possible right now.

I want to use my roli keyboard and the 5 dimensions of MPE to control parameters and/or macros in Unify.

Can you give me some guide lines as how I can achieve that?

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November 16, 2020 1:33 pm  


Start with this Roli guide, which lists the actual MIDI messages their controllers send:

The main issue with MPE is that successive notes (and associated CC messages) are sent on different MIDI channels, in order to achieve per-note (aka per-voice) control, and this a host program like Unify can't really help with this. Polyphonic instrument plug-ins manage multiple voices inside the plug-in, so the host has no control over what they do.

If you put an MPE-capable synth plug-in such as Roli's Equator on a Unify layer, you will have full MPE control over that synth, provided you set the layer to listen to ALL MIDI channels (this is the default). This is BY FAR the best way to use MPE.

You can also create a virtual MPE synth by creating multiple identical INST layers, each set to listen to just ONE MIDI channel. This is very similar to what we do for PolyBox, but without using PolyBox at all. When you play a note on your MPE controller, the controller will choose a MIDI channel to send it on, and use that same MIDI channel for all subsequent performance-gestures linked to that note (aftertouch, glide, slide). Note that you will have to set each synth instance to a pitch-bend range of +/- 48 semitones to get it to track your glides correctly, but note that very few plug-ins will actually let you set such a huge bend range.

For controlling parameters/macros in Unify, all you can really do right now is assign any macro knob to MIDI CC#74, which MPE keyboards use for "Slide". We don't yet have an easy way to connect MIDI Channel Pressure (which MPE keyboards use for "Press") to a macro knob, but I plan to add this in a future update.

As I said, using MPE-capable synth plug-ins on Unify layers will give you the best overall MPE experience. Anything else is basically just trying to make non-MPE plug-ins respond as though they were MPE-capable. This may work, but may also be more trouble than it's worth.

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