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My List of Unify Suggestions

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Hi folks,
Below is a list of suggestions I sent to John back when Unify was first released. I’m including it here to keep a record of them and to encourage any discussion on their merit or desirability. 
  1. Allow display of MIDI Keyboard, Macros, and Transport panes simultaneously in any combination. Add the ability to pop these out into separate, non-modal windows. Retain display of these when switching to other pages of the main UI.
  2. Highlight the keys within the Show MIDI Keyboard pane that reflect the key range of the currently-selected layer.
  3. Retain display of Browse window open unless specifically closed. Many operations close the browser and don’t restore it. Saving Window Size, Listing Presets, Options, etc.all seem to the close Browser.

  4. Output MIDI feedback messages to MIDI-learned controls. Useful for displaying current macro values via LED rings on encoder controllers.

  5. Allow macros to be MIDI learned by more than one control so, for example, a macro can be changed by an encoder or expression pedal (whichever is closest) during performance
  6. Allow defining a collection of presets into a Performance Set where each preset can be assigned a numbered slot (1-128). Provide Up/Down as well as direct access to slots via MIDI Program Change message. Allow multiple Performance Sets to be stored and recalled from file system.

  7. Add a preference to “Use VST3 Plugin Version Only" when both the VST and VST3 variants of a plugin are available. This will prevent duplicate versions from being displayed for software such as Arturia Collection which includes VST and VST3 versions of each instrument. 

  8. Make the INIT button a pop out a submenu with options to:

    • Perform a normal Init as now.
    • Clear instrument assignments without resetting the current patch’s layer structure.
    • Select from a popout list of patch templates (currently done via the Template category in the Browser).
  9. Allow the ability to save a preset's layer structure (including MIDI and Effects plugins) as a Preset Template to work with previous suggestion.
  10. Show selectable lists of existing Categories, Tags, Authors and Instruments in the save dialog. This will prevent similar, (but not identical) from being accidentally created. 

  11. Rename the “New Preset”, "Delete Preset”, and Rename Preset” buttons on the Plugin Subsets page to "New Subset", "Delete Subset" and "Rename Subset”.
  12. Increase number of assignable macro controls to 16 or 32. (suggested by others as well).
  13. Allow multiple audio out channels (also suggested by others).
  14. Allow MIDI Learn capability for various GUI elements. eg:
    • Previous and Next Preset
    • Cancel all Latched Notes.
    • MIDI Panic

Comments and opinions welcome.


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Thanks @karlfranz. Some excellent ideas here.


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Great list with exceptionally useful ideas, danke karlfranz. I can surely live without pt7, but I hope all others make it near the top of Shane's list 😉 

Cannot even make a ranking because all seem that useful ...

I'm not clear with pts 8/9 though, esp. pt9 - why not using a (normal) preset template from the browser and exchanging plugins ?

Best, Rob