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Named Macro Parameter Link Windows

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Happy New Year, Shane.

I'd like to make a request for replacing the path name that appears as the title bar for each of the Parameter Link windows with the macro name as assigned to the knob in the main window. 

For example:

I might have a window titled "macro/6 parameter links" and the assigned parameter might be "inst/1/plugin/Quick Knob 3" which tells me nothing about what that macro actually does. Since the macro knob itself was renamed "Cutoff", it would be cool to display that name in the window title instead - maybe something like "macro 6: Cutoff".

I often have the first 8 Parameter Links windows spread across the top of my screen. This way I can see the curves for the parameters and where the current value is relative to the curve while simultaneously displaying the Keyboard or Transport Controls on the main Unify window.

And speaking of Parameter Link windows, it might be cool if there was an option to display a faint ghost line for all unselected parameter link curves assigned to the same macro. This would allow you to see the relationship of the curves of multiple parameters assigned to the same macro. I don't know if it would look too cluttered, but this could be mitigated with the addition of a visibility column (similar to the eyeball icon in Photoshop layers) to allow you to toggle each faint line On/Off individually. There could even be an option for whether or not to display all faint lines by default when a Parameter Link window is open.

I figure these are very low-priority requests in the grand scheme of things and thus will go into the ever-increasing tome: "Shane's Unify Suggestions, Enhancements & To-do List". In the meantime.... how's that expanded OSC support coming along? 😉 😀 


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Including the current macro name in the corresponding links-editor window title (and ensuring it updates dynamically as required) is a great idea. I have already implemented it here. It will appear in the next release of Unify.

The ghost-images idea is also excellent, especially if there were a way to toggle it on and off. That one is more involved, but I've put it on the to-do list.

The way I have implemented OSC support in Unify is not very clean, so it's not as easy to change as one would like. I hope to overhaul this aspect of Unify eventually.


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