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Option to show more than 8 macro knobs in the UI ?

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It might be great to have the option to display more than 8 macro knobs simultaneously in the UI rather than having to select one of the banks of 8, since remembering which layer contains which knobs can be a challenge - especially since the knobs assignments (can) change with each preset.

And on increasingly common 4k displays, there's plenty of pixel space to be had to show at least 4 or more banks of 8.

And making that into a floating window that survives preset changes and other window operations would be even more amazing, since some macro knobs are potentially controlling Unify inside Unify, and thus aren't really just related to a single Unify window.


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Totally behind this.  I'd love to see a big window pop up with knobs and sliders.  The floating window is a great idea.  I have a touchscreen and this can potentially make a nice control surface.  JUCE, having multi-touch built-in, amps up the excitement for this.

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