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Optional Wizard for saving a Unify Patch

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Hi..  would it be possible, when saving a Unify Patch, to have a button in the "Save" dialog so that we can press it to send us to an alternative wizard for naming a patch.

The "Wizard" would have tick boxes next to the normal categories (and one for "Other") 

Each time we select/tick a category, the name field will have the correct prefix (following patch naming etiquette guidelines).

i.e.  If I just ticked the woodwind categoty then  "WIND - " would be the prefix 

That would indicate that I ticked the Wind/Woodwind checkbox and it starts to prefix my patch name with "WIND - "

If I additionally ticked "cyclic rhythms" the wizard would change the prefix to be "BPM ELE - Woodwinds " which keeps to the standards (as far I can tell !! )

Then the wizard would return us to the initial "Save" dialog but will have the 1st part of the name ready for us to type the rest and select what library it is to be saved into.

If the prefix category is incorrect we can always press the wizard button again to change the prefix.

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If you're on a mac, you can make your own using Keyboard Maestro and custom HTML dialogs; which is exactly what I did. It builds the name from a pre-selected list of instruments and attributes. The difference is that mine adheres to my naming conventions which are similar, but not the same, as Skippy's.