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Plugin latency compensation and embedding Plugin window in Unify instead of a popup?  


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September 20, 2020 7:34 pm  

I currently playing with the demo version in Renoise and it works great so far. I've 2 feature wishes, not sure if this is possible or on the todo list already.

1) Plugin latency compensation:

I found out, that Unify doesn't report any latency to the Host. So when you use Pro-Q in linear mode for example, then there is some latency, which the Host can't compensate. This can also be an issue, when you have different layers with different latencies inside Unify.

2) Embedding plugin UI inside Unify like Komplete Kontrol?

This is not a critical one, more than a nice to have.
I currently use Unify inside Renoise, where instrument can be played with computer keys. When a plugin popup window is opended in Unify, then i cant play any notes. When the plugin UI would be embedded in Unify like in Komplete Kontrol, it would be possible.

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September 21, 2020 1:31 am  


Latency compensation is coming in the next release of Unify.

The fact that Unify's plug-in windows always capture keyboard input (and hence interfere with using the computer keyboard to trigger MIDI notes) is a long-standing issue, for which I'm seeking expert help. Reworking Unify's GUI design to allow plug-in GUIs to appear inside the main window would be one way to solve the problem, but it's an enormous amount of work, and has serious problems of its own (which is why I use separate windows in the first place). This issue is definitely on my to-do list; it's just not done yet because it's so difficult.

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