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Preset description batch rename utility

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I am considering writing a simple code to batch process (read/update) the preset description info to a file for modification.  The goal is to provide an easier way to make preset names, categories and tags consistent (and to your liking) across the many libraries.  I am looking for suggestions on how to improve my initial idea outlined below.

proposed result of a 'read' ; example shows one preset within a library folder and all others would be appended with blank line between:

filename, SEQ - Emnity.unify
name, ARP - Emnity
category, seq
tags, bright 
author, Matt Bowdler, the unfinished

proposed modification of the set of presets prior to the batch 'update' would be as follows:

filename, SEQ - Emnity.unify
new_filename, ARP - Emnity.unify
name, ARP - Emnity
category, arp
tags, bright tonal

proposed rule set for the modifications prior to batch 'update'
o 'filename' is required, to match the modifications with the correct preset
o 'new_filename' is optional, and if used will require a database update
o the remaining fields are only required if you want to change their associated text
o the fields available for change are 'name,category,tags,genre,author,comment'
o a comma separator is required between each field name and it's new test string
o the list of tags cannot be comma separated
o multiple fields can appear on one line separated by ';'

filename, SEQ - Emnity.unify; new_filename,ARP - Emnity.unify; name,ARP - Emnity; category,arp; tags, bright tonal


Any thoughts or suggestions?