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Random parameters

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Currently we have randomization die for presets in the top right.  Would be neat to randomize knobs and other parameters within the presets to be able to just keep hitting it to come up with infinite types of sounds.  Then save and name them to quickly expand types and numbers of presets in a library if that makes sense.  Many other plugins have this feature (ie most of Sample Logics).  Maybe add something next to the die like 3 dots to open a randomization menu to choose what you'd like to try randomizing or changing.  Might be fun to try this in Unify.  Couldn't imagine being able to randomize all parameters from all libraries loaded to see what you could get.

Also, this would make it easier for the patch creators of new libraries to quickly create presets in volume rather than having to painstakingly spend an entire night making 10 patches for example.



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This has been requested many times, and is on the long-term to-do list.

True randomization of all parameters (over their full ranges) is likely to yield more rubbish than useful sounds. I'm open to suggestions for better randomization methods.