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Right Clic (Mac) to enter velocity range and key range

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When I right click to enter a value (concerning key range and velocity range) if I click on the lower value, I can enter it then I can select the upper box to enter the value. I can even navigate to other layers...

But if I start from the upper value, the box appear and hides the lower value so I need to start again.

Could it be possible to move it a little so I (we) could enter all values (even of all layers) without closing the box ?

Sorry for my language... Hope I'm clear, I'm a french user...


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I see what you mean. We are planning to completely re-work the layer MIDI controls look and function. I'll keep your suggestion in mind when I do that.

In the meantime, it's actually rather difficult to just "move it a little", so for now you will just have to close the edit box. Note you can do so by just clicking anywhere outside the box--you don't have to click on the tiny little "X".


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