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This isn't so much a performance plugin, so not sure where it would sit within Unify, but I think it would be super useful. It could almost be another "wrapper" in itself, except for each plugin, both effect and instrument.

You guys are already scanning each plugin's controls, so what I'd like is a "wrapper" tool that just presents each of these parameters available for each plugin with a checkbox, minimum and maximum number box. Then a single button to randomize each checked parameter within the minimum and maximum. Essentially a way to just keep hitting the randomize to create new patches. 

I guess this could be built in to the main UI in the macro area, but then you're limited in number to the number of macro controls. But I'd love to be able to assign a whole bunch of parameters in my favorite instruments, and then just keep generating random sounds. Imagine how powerful this could be with multiple layers and embedded Unify's.

Hope that makes sense, but I know I have a habit of over-complicating explanations 🙂 

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I'll give this some thought. Thanks for the suggestion.