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Sub-Folders in Library List

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Hi Shane 🙂

My Library list is getting really, really long.  And I've only Unified about 1/2 of my synths!  So it's going to get even longer.  Also, I've been making Libraries for each project & tune.  And then add in all my Pluginguru Libraries and it scrolls like forever. lol 

I know I can just use Categories and Tags, but it's not as easy as just going straight to a folder when browsing for that patch you used on a tune that you can't remember the name of.  Sub-folders would organize them better, shorten the Library list and make browsing much faster.




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I hear you! We never foresaw that the number of libraries for Unify would blow up so quickly. Our whole patch database and browser were designed for simpler times, and we're bumping very hard against its limitations now.

I'm hoping to have a solution in a future update, but I can't say when, as it all has to be thought through carefully and designed.

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