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Super Combobox!

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Combobox is a fantastic addition to Unify. It would be super if it was a stand alone VST (even for a cost). I have a feeling it requires much of the internal code of Unify so it would not be an easy port. In that case, possibly integrating Combobox as an alternative GUI for Unify. Of course I can just put combox in the first instrument, but having it as a new interface for Unify would unleash it's true potential since you would have more room on the interface.

Combobox really is an amazing feature. I am using Element but there are some bugs I found and it is a bit clunky, albeit still very powerful and for free! However, I prefer to stay in the Unify environment.

THanks for the great software!

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I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Unify and finding it useful. The idea of a stand-alone ComboBox plug-in is on our long-term to-do list.

You mention "more room for the interface" (of ComboBox). Note ComboBox windows are resizable. Drag the bottom-right corner to expand.

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