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UNIFY Stand-Alone | SETTINGS | Persistent MIDI PORTS

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I use a lot of MIDI ports, most of which are virtual coming from Bome MIDI Translator to merge physical inputs. When I launch the stand-alone version of Unify I always have to double-check to see the MIDI port settings as they are all usually selected by default.

I would love for UNIFY to remember my port settings when I re-launch it. Sometimes I forget to check and think there is something wrong as all of the ports are triggering a layer.

Thanks so much for the amazing work on UNIFY.

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Simeon Amburgey

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Unify v1.2 introduced a "MIDI device polling" checkbox at the top of the Settings view, which is checked by default.

  • When checked, Unify will automatically select all active MIDI inputs, including when new USB-MIDI devices are connected.
  • When un-checked, Unify will try to remember which MIDI ports you had selected, from one session to the next.

The disadvantage of not checking the box is that Unify will not automatically detect and connect new USB-MIDI devices while it is running; you have to quit and re-start (and it's easy to forget to save what you were working on).

Try un-checking "MIDI device polling" and see if that's better for your work-flow. You'll need to quit and re-start for the change to take full effect.

In future I hope to improve the way Unify handles MIDI device-selection, so as to get the best of both worlds, but this is where we're at right now.

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