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Unify Standalone BPM override setting.

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What I'd love to see in the standalone version of Unify is a setting that allows you to override the 'patch set' BPM for all patches.


Example - I use standalone Unify for jamming and inspiration as it's quicker to load up standalone Unify than it is to place it in my DAW. When I'm going through BPM patches, I'd love it if I could override the patch BPM setting for ALL BPM patches that I'm loading in and playing with quickly. A lot of BPM patches are set to 120BPM, but if I'm generating ideas for a dance type tune then my 'general' BPM might be anywhere between 126 & 140 BPM... but it throws me off my thought process if I choose another patch and it instantly goes back to it's default of say 120BPM when I load in another patch to play with, you get what I'm trying to explain yeah?


That's my feature request. Thank you.

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You've explained perfectly. I'm convinced. Onto the to-do list it goes!

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