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"Visual Cue Variation" for a Macro Knob...

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I've been toying with the idea of using a foot expression pedal (which I can MIDI to a CC) to control one of the macro knobs.  The macro knob will be switching layers enabling me to continue to play with a new selection of sounds for that part of a composition etc...

I know that there is a "Variation" feature that comes with its own text file, but that is a small piece of text and my eyes might not be that close to a laptop screen whilst I am playing...

What might help is a "Visual Cue" similar to the "Variations" mapped to the same macro knob

The Visual Cue area of the screen could be re-sizable, the position and size of the visual cue to be saved with the patch.

When I twiddle the knob (or move my foot on the expression pedal), the visual cue would change according to the percentage.   Maybe a new text file would need to be set up in the media folder where we can describe the value and the text we want to appear on screen (or point to a jpg for an image containing the details we need).

So, the same macro knob would be switching layers and giving a visual cue for what I am supposed to be playing at that moment for that patch.

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This is an interesting idea, and I'll add it to the to-do list for future consideration. I have a long list of such "view customizations" I'd love to add at some point, but I can't make any promises about when.