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When right click at a patch, give the options to edit categories and tags.

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Again me, again considerations how to improve a library or adopt it to my personal needs.

What EVERYONE of us needs is doing selections of sounds.
With todays thousands of opportunities and patches, 
me after unifying all of my libraries will have like 62.000 patches now at the end maybe 80.000 ..

Only my U-HE patches are like 17.000 !

So what do I do, first I favorize .. as said in another feature request, I would like to have more levels to favorize ..
but also I like to fast edit. 

So as I seem to be crazy I copied this complete forum to a HTML page to see what people wanted for Unify,
With this its 451 suggestions - wow - so you see am really interested in getting Unify ahead.

Ok, back to the point - one suggest CTRL or Command S to fast save or edit ..
And we really need this - I would even say only one key as this is so essential to categorize a library.

And then within the dialog it needs to allow this too -
And what you see there is:
Oh my - text fields .. 
Its not possible to select already existing categories or tags,
so did I use ARP or Arp or Arps,
or Key or KEY or KEYS or Keys .. 
In the end what happens - it way too many existing categories ..

Then I want to change them - oh my - its a one by one thing ..
I cannot change 
Key, Keys, KEY > to KEYS
for all my 62.000 patches in one go ..
So things get organized .. 

Or lets say add WINDS
to everywhere I have sax, Sax, Flute, flute and so forth ..

It would be nice to discuss this here 
as a right click is another click.

And at least for me to checkout sounds I play the midi keyboard with the right hand to test a sound,
use my left hand to navigate with the cursor.. for those I like I press F .. 
But for me this is simply not enough ..

I mentioned multiple presses of F, but is this the final solution,
I mentionend 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 which would at my opinion be much better ..

But couldnt it be a definable metadata actions like:

a) definable KEY(-Combination) (like F) 
b) can be :
-> add or remove or change tag (like find 'key', 'KEY', 'Keys' and replace with 'KEYS'  or simply "ADD ', KEYS' to categories + "ADD ', Steffen' as author" and so forth 
-> favorize at a certain level like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
-> after this its auto updated .. 
c) this should be possible for every meta field + favorite level all at once ..

So with one click I can change parameters, and 
if I am done with my current categorization and want another one I simply change the settings for the key (LIKE F)

This would be sooo amazing - if you need further Information or if I was not clear, I can do mockups to show a possible dialog..
which would be able to handle this ..

Greets, Steffen



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Shorter posts, with just one or two suggestions per post, would be more manageable. Also, please keep the content of each post consistent with the title. In this post, the title suggests one specific new feature, but the body of the post talks about several unrelated issues.

For the "key/KEY/Keys" issue, see

You might want to experiment with editing the Unify patch database yourself. It is a SQLite3 database, stored in a file called Presets.db in the Libraries folder under the main Unify data folder. Make a safe copy of this file somewhere before editing it, and be aware that Unify may not register changes that you make in another program, until you quit and restart Unify.

Check out the excellent free DB Browser for SQLite. This allows you not only to view and edit the database, but also to run SQL queries. Obviously, this only makes sense if you have relevant experience.

You are correct that there have been many requests for new features or changes since Unify was released. I maintain a Word file called Feature Requests, containing summaries of (nearly) all of these requests, and it has grown to 61 pages. Quite a few of those pages include features/changes which I have already added, and the relevant text is now crossed-out, but I would guess there are about 40 pages of still-pending requests. It is far more than one person can keep up with.

I have received a great many requests related to Unify's patch management and patch database; this one is simply the most recent. These requests are problematic for many reasons, including:

  1. With the programming tools I use (C++ and JUCE), such changes are very time-consuming, mostly because they involve the GUI. Those programming tools are actually quite poor for GUI work.
  2. Such changes have MANY implications. The hardest part is not the coding; it's thinking through the implications first, devising a solution which won't break other features, testing to find what broke anyway, and ultimately dealing with problems that users find after release.
  3. Different users tend to want different things, and it is not possible to satisfy everyone.
  4. Data management tends to fall toward the bottom of the priority list. There are always more urgent things, like fixing critical bugs, and dealing with new CPUs and operating systems.

I DO appreciate all of the requests. As you point out, these mean that people are interested in the product. Unfortunately, there isn't enough interest to generate enough revenue to pay for any help. So I do what I can, and ask for patience.

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