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ComboBox - the underestimated gem of Unify?

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Per Skippy's live stream yesterday, I paid closer attention to Unify's "ComboBox" feature. And I was blown away by its routing capability, both MIDI and audio. I am a big friend of UVI's Falcon 2 VST, and just like NI' Kontakt, Falcon 2 has multiple audio channels out (since it can layer multiple instruments, split or ensemble). And right out of the box, Unify's ComboBox recognized and properly routed all the audio outs of Falcon 2.

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ComboBox provides an "escape" from Unify's otherwise rigid rules (see about how plug-ins are connected. Those rules are the basis of Unify's multi-threading ability (see; all plug-ins in a single ComboBox instance share single thread. However, this can work just fine when there is only one CPU-heavy plug-in (such as Falcon), and any others are less demanding.