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Poll on live performance features

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Hey everyone, just wanted to gauge what kind of interest there is amongst Unify users for the following features:

1) Tap tempo - midi assignable tempo input for the stand alone version of Unify

2) A live performance ui using set lists

It's a significant amount of work for Shane to add these features so it's only really worthwhile if a lot of us want them.

Thank you for your contribution

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to be honest, I'm not looking for Unify to become a live performance host.

There are numerous other options around already, so if that mattered to me, I'd get one of those and run Unify inside.

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Like Shane suggested in his other reply, most people like myself who use Unify in a live setting already own some kind of dedicated software that is specifically designed to host plugins for live use. Mine (Cantabile 4 Pro) includes advanced features that have taken YEARS for Brad to implement (another solo developer like Shane), and it is still under constant improvement. I am glad that these two developers are focused on producing the best product fulfilling their specific needs possible, and that I can use them together seamlessly.

As Shane also mentioned, the target audience for Unify is quite a bit wider than the live performance space, and its ability to very rapidly prototype, test, store and put into use new patch combinations is Unify's very strong point. The fact that its associated tools make doing this kind of patch development not only very robust but also very creative with the layers of controls one has over the parameters of the associated patches makes it the power-tool deluxe for patch creation, and I think the kind of audience that really appreciates that aspect (and loves to be able to assemble cool sounds and then noodle away for hours in bliss) makes Unify the leader in such a niche outpacing all competition. So, I for one am happy to see Shane preserve his precious time to concentrate on new developments satisfying that kind of itch over trying to make it into a performance tool.

Still, tap-tempo might be a really cool feature for the standalone version!!! 😉  (Set lists I'll let Cantabile handle...)


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