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[Sticky] Manual updates for v1.3.2 complete

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The online Unify manual at has now been updated for changes in v1.3.2.

When you visit the main page, you will see a colored link "Click here for what has changed in Unify v1.3", which takes you to a new summary page, with links to only those pages and sections which are new, or have been changed.

In case you may have missed some of the new features in v1.2.x, you'll find a link to that summary page at the top of the new one.

I need and welcome your help to identify any parts of the manual pages (old or new) which might not be quite up-to-date, or where I may have simply made mistakes. You are all most welcome to post any issues you find here. I thank you all in advance.

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Thanks Shane. 

I am just quickly Unifying Air's Loom II and thought I would make a graphic for it. Then I couldn't remember the rules for these.

Anyway, the manual was helpful and I found the information I needed.