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Discovery Station needs Bugfix.

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Discovery Station needs a Bugfix for the Kontakt SE

I install since hours the Christmas present for Daniela. Its the Kontakt Libary for Discovery Station. Main Problem in the Live Christmas Streams IT will ne played live for Subscribers and theory friends. Patch by Patch so îs the plan. I for the Moderation in English.

Main Problem îs not only one Kontakt Libary îs used so IT Points also top the Factory Libary. Because the Libary îs a paid protected Libery i for not find a way to link with simbolic links.

I wonder that noone use it for one test. I for not find a fix and no automatic Installer.

Mary Christmas by the way this Christmas was in front several complaints that the server and shop îs blocked for specific countries. So people can not buy

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Hi Daniela - The patches with the factory presets SHOULD find the main library of Kontkat. I'm quite surprised if they don't. We're looking into solutions for this problem with Kontakt and I'm sorry but we don't have a solution yet. I believe we will have to have a PC version of each Kontakt library and a Mac version. I don't consider Kontakt a "2nd rate citizen" as you have said publically, but it is for sure a major thorn in our side because of these fix locations for samples.

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@pluginguruforums They find but just în parts. And somehow done point to Discovery still or are very silenț. Or the macro knobs are broken.

My solution now for the moment îs i make a new Libary and name it Daniela Tocan Kontakt Station.

And than i review every patch organize the knobs new, write a new description with instructions and set links to external resources parțial VSL for example. Because they also have soundexample there or describe what instruments match and when.

For example for me does not make sense in the modern live Patch to put INSIDE Cooplands Fanfare with long legato and than as third Layer to ușe just Staccato as Staccatisimo. Cooplands Fanfare was Just used for an Octave Transkription.

And because its a protected Libary i need at a later point to make different midi files. Der this things are ready not urgend and not all îs going wrong. I asaw some what are absolute correct but the originator @Chris Guard should be named.

In fact i ușe in Future 2 Systems. A Windows and a Mac.

Was recently in offer with 2 Sticks and licenses for 50% discount Total independant what system i ușe in future and came with the 74GB Epic Orchestra.

And here was my basic idea to ușe Unify with Version 1.3 in one system and the new in another.128 GB RAM cost me close to nothing.

No worry its not urgend.