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[Sticky] PlugInGuru Naming of Patches Guide

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I was sent by Shane a Patch Naming guidelines document, written by user Kevin Giehl (@klight). I have worked through it and made several updates. If you have wondered about the logic behind the patch names, have a look at this 6 page document:

Enjoy and I'm open to altering or filing in if this is missing anything.

- John Lehmkuhl

[edited 5 Mar 2021 by Shane, to give credit to original author @klight.]

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Well nice to see your brain documented in a small way.  I had to learn these via osmosis or you telling me direct.  Learned a few new things after all these years. Thanks 

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Hello John,

this is so helpful when sorting a lot of patches that aren't categorized.

Thank you for all your hard work and experience!

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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