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UVI Quadra Muted n Harmonics Library - Typos!

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The UVI Quadra patches have a ton of typos in the description.

Here is what it says: "IF you want to Add Volunme ana Pan Just Open Patch By Click Flacon ,Then click The Slide to Midi learn , Move Nob. Then Up Date the Patch."

It should say: "If you want to add Volume and Pan, just open the patch by double-clicking on Falcon, then click the slide to MIDI learn, move knob, then update the patch."


Hopefully @getdunne can run a batch on these to fix them. 🙂

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Posted by: @despondo

Hopefully @getdunne can run a batch on these to fix them. 🙂

Well, there's no way to write a program that will magically recognize and fix these kinds of language errors. However, I noticed that the same garbled comment appears to exist in just about all the patches. I considered trying to reword it, then realized it's not even sensible advice.

  • It would make far more sense to use Unify's macro knobs to control Falcon's parameters; MIDI learn isn't needed.
  • If the only parameters to be changed are volume and pan, you can do that in Unify itself; every layer has level and pan controls.
  • The simplest approach is just to delete the patch comments entirely.

Consider the updated "no-comment" versions of the UVI Falcon Quadra Muted n Harmonics Unified patches here:

For reference, the Unify batch tools Python scripts, in particular and, can be used for such changes.

  1. Run to convert all the .unify patch files to plain-text .xml files.
  2. Make a custom script to change whatever you need in all the .xml files (see example below).
  3. Run to convert all the modified .xml files back to .unify files.

I modified the existing script to yield the following, which I called

import os

def clearComment(xmlFile):
    infile = open(xmlFile, 'r')
    xml =
    # isolate the patch comment text
    commentStart = xml.find("comment=") + 9
    commentEnd = xml.find('"', commentStart)
    # rewrite the XML patch, substituting the modified comment tag
    outfile = open(xmlFile, 'w')
    outfile.write(xml[:commentStart] + xml[commentEnd:])

for xf in os.listdir('XML'):
    if xf.endswith('.xml'):
        clearComment(os.path.join('XML', xf))

I have just added this new script to the repository on GitHub.

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Hi Shane,


Thanks for writing out this for reference. I did not make these patches, but noticed the weird text. Hopefully the original creator of these will also see your post and use it for future patches. Anyway, nice to have some ways to address these kinds of issues. 😉 | | | |