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Audio and Midi Out Recording - A Solution

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Hello, I like to noodle about alot within Unify and sometimes it would be great just to capture the Midi and the Audio layers separately so that you can further manipulate it in your DAW. I like doing this without having to mute channels to capture. At present I don think its possible to as it stands, but if you put an instance of Maschine NI into Unify you can record the different channels of MIDI and then drag it into your DAW from there.  Easy to set up if you have Maschine that is.

With Audio, there is a free VST plugin from Melda called MRecorder.   The way I have it set up is to have 4 AUX Channels each with an MRecorder on it and then you send the layers to the different Aux channels giving you a 4 track recording. Its not perfect because it takes up all of the AUX channels, but as Unify is so flexible I havent found this to be an issue for me.  The MRecorder is brilliant because it allows for MIDI control and it starts recording (and syncing) all instances at the same time.  I have a preset for this in Unify that I can just add to whatever Im working on.  Also set up a CC record button so I just press the button and it instantly records four separate layers to a folder I have specified.  I know I could simply mute the layers one by one and record them this way, but its nice to be able to capture things on the fly sometimes and this way capture happy accidents etc. 

Sorry if this isnt the right place for this, but I was super happy when I worked this out and its speeded up my workflow up considerably. Also apologies if this has been covered before.  

I like the idea of an instant audio capture though,  possible feature request for the future.

Thanks for this brilliant plugin, best thing I have bought in years.

Cheers Andy

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Thank you for sharing your experience and these solution ideas! There isn't a specific forum section for such things, but perhaps there should be. In the meantime, it's perfectly fine to put it here.

I have been working on approaches for audio recording, and I hope to add most of the features you've described at some point, but it sounds like the Melda and NI plug-ins are doing the job for you nicely.

One of the advantages of Unify is its ability to use all sorts of third-party plug-ins, which means you aren't forced to wait for us to provide every feature you need.